Q&A Series: Nine Tips to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Are you currently at a weight loss plateau and begging the scale to drop by just one point? You’re not alone!

We asked for questions, and you delivered! It turns out, most people are curious about the same thing—what helps beat the scale?

In our newest podcast episode, we dive deeper into the nine most common obstacles that are blocking our weight loss journey. In a quick way, we help with nine different areas that oftentimes need a little bit of TLC in the health department:

  • Are you eating the right kind of carbohydrates?
  • Are you getting the proper amount of protein?
  • What does your plate look like, exactly?
  • Is your diet causing inflammation—and therefore aiding to your plateau?
  • Are you eating in a time-strategic way?
  • Is your activity level adding to or hindering your success?
  • Are you catching enough zzz’s at night?
  • Is there excess stress in your life that you can trim out?
  • Do you know your baseline data?

Take a moment to listen to our rapid-fire podcast to see if there are areas in your lifestyle that could use some adjustments!

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