Vitamin E: Tocotrienols and Your Health featuring Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD

Hello everyone! This week’s podcast episode features Dr. Barrie Tan – a world renowned expert in the chemical and biochemical world, known for his discovery of the most potent form of Vitamin E, tocotrienol!

A little background on Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin (absorbed with dietary fats and stored in fatty tissue and the liver) and is made up of 8 related molecules, collectively grouped together as Vitamin E. The mechanism of Vitamin E acts as an important antioxidant to help protect our cells from free-radical damage. As many forms of Vitamin E exist, our focus today is tocotrienol, and shouldn’t be confused with alpha-tocopherol, the most common form of Vitamin E you see on the back of most vitamin bottles.

Because tocotrienols are a (fairly) recent scientific discovery, prior studies for Vitamin E supplementation used alpha-tocopherol- which turned out to have some unfortunate downsides for cardiac and cancer research. However, the discovery of pure tocotrienol from annatto plants have continuously made an impact on Vitamin E and antioxidant research. Some health benefits of supplementing with tocotrienol are reduction of fat in the liver as well as overall reduction in inflammatory biomarkers, as well as improvement of bone health, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, brain health, and so much more!

Bottom line: the type of Vitamin E you are supplementing with matters! It’s nearly impossible to get adequate antioxidant protection from diet alone.

Interested in learning more about Vitamin E? Dr. Tan has so graciously offered us a link to his free e-book! You can also head over to Dr. Barrie’s website to check out his research with annatto and tocotrienols! 

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