Update(!) + What Happened When I Went Vegan For 3 days

Curious How the Vegan and Paleo Diets Compare?

You know what I think when it comes to vegan vs paleo diets!  It was actually still pretty shocking to see how bad the numbers were, though.

The Empowered Nutrition podcast is back!  I have lots of updates to share, especially that I’ll be opening a new practice in North Carolina!  The vision the new practice is to provide accessible functional medicine, so that you can experience healthcare that actually works.  More details to come soon.

I also share what happened when I went vegan for 3 days and tracked my nutrition.  It isn’t pretty!

Here’s the table for how the nutritional quality of the vegan diet compared to my regular paleo diet.  The vegan diet literally did not meet my needs for any of the nutrients measured:

The vegan diet was worst in EPA/DHA omega-3, B-12, calcium, choline, and protein.

To be clear, these diets were the same number of calories.  Also, the vegan diet was at it’s ‘best’ with tons of flax, beans, and veggies.  Also, I had the WORST stomach ache of my life on day 2, lol.

What’s scary is that the company promoting this diet and providing the meal planner does not give ANY disclaimer of this!  They even promote it as increasing longevity.  It’s upsetting to me that they don’t disclose the inadequacy of this diet, especially for vulnerable groups like children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, athletes, and people with mal-absorption.

Curious to hear more? Check the podcast episode:

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