How our stress physiologies impact eating and our digestive systems, and how to heal.

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In this episode Tracy Brown discusses how our stress physiologies impact eating, our digestive systems and how to heal.

Tracy Brown RD, LD/N is a trauma informed nutrition therapist/eating disorder dietitian, stress recovery coach and nutrition counseling skills teacher. She walks beside people wanting to heal their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies. Since 2006, she has guided people one on one and in groups in healing from disordered eating and chronic dieting, many of which also have other stress-related conditions.   She is the creator of 3 courses that provide trauma informed and body image counseling skills and supervision to health professionals. In this episode we discuss:  –  Her journey of becoming an RD and how she realized the impact of mental health and former trauma on an individual’s current digestive health  – The idea that the mindset in which you come to a meal will determine how your body will digest the food – The many definitions of trauma and what your body may hold on to as trauma and initiate the physiology of trauma response – How our senses take in information and feed it to the brain and that information triggers sympathetic nervous system responses or the parasympathetic responses; how these responses being unbalanced can affect our digestive system. – The importance of recognizing what the nervous system is doing to identify why a digestive system is dysfunctional – How she determines what these triggers to the nervous system are for her clients  – Her thoughts on the utility of thyroid testing, and the necessity of having quality practitioners  – Ideas on programs to teach people to re-regulate their responses – Some of the interventions and techniques she uses to help identify and regulate nervous system responses and achieve balance in our everyday, busy lives – Her free- gift programs on her website to help learn to improve their capacity to observe their surroundings and feel safer Visit Tracy’s webpage to get her guides on healing from disordered eating and Chronic disordered eating:  www.tracybrownrd.com  See her group counseling courses at : www.embodieddietitian.com Facebook: TracyBrownRD Check out the full episode at: https://erinskinner.com/empowerednutrition/TracyBrown Want to learn more about our one-on-one Empowered Nutrition coaching? Book a free chemistry call to discuss your story and see if we’re a good fit.

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