“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my service with Kirby Mitchell this morning. She was great for my first time visiting a RD. I look forward to more sessions with Kirby. “

– J.W., Southern Pines, NC

“Rachel works to understand the goals of the client and walks alongside to offer educated recommendations. She offers a non-judgmental approach aiming to empower the client to meet their goals.”

– R.L., Southern Pines, NC

“I absolutely love Rachel. After only one session with her, I felt 100 times better mentally and know I will soon feel 100 times better physically too. She answered every question I had and left the floor open for additional ones too. She covered all bases for me.”

– Leah T., Southern Pines, NC

“I love that you have an option of a face-to-face meeting or telehealth. It makes it super convenient!
Rachel is a real pro! She’s easy to talk to, listens, and has a lot of good ideas, regarding nutrition and how best to go about getting to a healthier lifestyle!
I’m just getting started, but I’m hopeful!”

– S.B., Laurinburg, NC

“I have really enjoyed working with Rachel. She’s been great at listening to my goals and then offering different potential paths so I feel like we’re collaborating to find solutions that work best for me – and I have felt much better since making the changes she has suggested. I would definitely continue working with her and would recommend to friends!”

– G.M., NC

“Would definitely recommend anyone struggling with gut health to reach out to Empowered Nutrition. Rachel was extremely informative & very down to earth. She has a plan to help me & honestly that’s all I could ask for! The kind of place you look forward to your next appointment.”

– C.P., Fayetteville, NC

“So far I am having a fantastic experience! I came to Empowered Nutrition feeling frustrated and defeated but after talking with Erin and beginning the plan she recommended, I am feeling more hopeful. Erin had taken the time before we had our first full meeting to go over the information I provided her and she was ready to jump in and get started. I felt like she listed to what I had to say and made her decision based on that rather than just throwing things out to try. I am excited to move forward and finally feel successful!”

– A.Z., Charlotte, NC

“Erin is a wealth of knowledge combining nutrition and functional medicine! Started seeing her to check on hormone health and individual nutrition needs and very confident in the plan and support going forward!”

– Addie H., Southern Pines, NC

“I had such a great meeting with Rachel! She is fun and full of great information!!!”

– Amy K., Southern Pines, NC

“Erin is fabulous! I “see her” remotely from Europe as she was recommended by a friend. She really individualizes your plan based on your needs as weight issues are so complex, and you have to get to the root cause of it all! I’m still on my journey but have definitely improved on the way I feel overall and am slowly starting to see changes! Highly recommend!!”

Zsu K.

“I just wanted to give you and update. In just one week of cutting back eating fast food, I have noticed an improvement in my digestion. Eating more home made meals, I am experiencing less bloating. I am drinking about half a gallon of water a day and I am not experiencing headaches. I have tried a couple of the recipes, including the smoothie, which I enjoyed. It kept me satiated for a long time. I will be grocery shopping with my mom tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to help her in the kitchen.”

– A.O., Southern Pines, NC

“I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I called Empowered Nutrition. Lisa was so professional and kind on the phone, Erin was so down to earth and genuinely cares about her patients’ well being. I’m really excited to start this journey to better health with these wonderful group of women!”

– Alexandra F., Southern Pines, NC

” In 2020, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I thought ok, I got this, I eat pretty good as it is right now, I can do this, simple…..I was doing ok eating, lunch was my worst enemy. Breakfast was pretty simple, eggs with some fruit … [but] I was drained by the end of the day. There was no motivation to do anything extra. I finally said this is enough, my diet needs to change and I need help.

I decided to look up a nutritionist who was familiar with celiac disease. I found Erin Skinner who owns Empowered Nutrition in Southern Pines. She is a registered dietician. I met with her and we came up with a plan [to improve my diet and reduce cross reactions]. After seeing her for 3 months, I began a program called Lean for Life. [This program] helps heal your metabolism. During the Lean for Life program she also teams up with 413 Fitness and you can focus on healing your metabolism and also your physical health. I know for a fact my metabolism needed to be healed… I’ve been doing Lean for Life now for three weeks and it has been amazing. From the beginning of seeing Erin to now with Lean for Life, my life has changed so much! I have so much more energy now to do things that I had given up on because I was too tired. I’ve been baking again, cooking almost everyday. It’s been amazing.

Where am I getting with all this? Your food habits can either help you or slow you down, eventually destroy you…especially having a disease that could destroy me. I needed to not focus on “diet” but “life style change.” If you are stuck in a rut, have no energy and just feel the need to change, a diet alone is not going to work. You don’t need to have celiac disease like me, but if you want to change yourself, be healthier and learn that food is not the enemy, I highly recommend Erin at Empowered Nutrition. She does take insurance and she can make virtual appointments.”

– Jessica E., Southern Pines, NC

Erin really listened and was prepared for our meeting. I already have some dietary restrictions and she was ready to work around them. I was very impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. She was also very understanding about keeping the plan reasonable and sustainable. Looking forward to making some changes and feeling better!

– Kendall R., Southern Pines, NC

This was my first encounter with a nutritionist, Erin gave me great insight on how food is medicine versus prescription drugs and how natural food works to correct the maladies in your body that processed foods create. Great Encounter!!

– Anonymous, NC

I just had my first virtual appointment with Erin. She is knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. Excited to be working with her going forward in order to achieve my nutritional goals. I know that what I eat matters and she is doing a phenomenal job of helping me plan ahead and eat better!

– Lisa M-S., Fayetteville, NC

“Erin showed a sincere interest in my needs and with providing me with a variety of solutions to them. We were able to work together to find the most satisfactory initial approach. She was also excellent at being available for questions as well as an appropriate follow-up to determine how the plan is progressing”

– Anonymous, NC

Yesterday at Pure Barre, I had so much energy and so much more strength. I feel slimmer, flatter, less puffy, and I also don’t feel like I have to eat the stuff I am not supposed to eat. It doesn’t seem to pull me like it used to. It seems unreal because on other plans (Paleo and Keto), you have to go through the crappy withdrawal/flu-like feeling to get to the good ‘tiger blood’ feeling. I never could get through the bad to get to the good on those plans.

– Bethany P.

I have to say that this has been a very empowering experience for me thus far. I had no idea just how poorly my confidence and self-worth has been tied to the gut issues I’ve been dealing with. Thank you for working with me to resolve this. I’ve got a new lease on life now that I know I have control over these issues. I also have had fun researching Candida and learning about nutrition.

– Joann W.

I have absolutely loved working with Erin. She is patient and goes in depth no matter the issue. I highly recommend her services!

– Suzanne G.

This is an amazing program! With this Dietitian’s help, I am making leaps and bounds toward my goal of achieving and sustaining a healthy weight.

– Maggie C.

I’ve had a radical improvement in my digestion and weight while working with Erin, and the process has been easy. Also, Erin has a great way with people, with a natural charm.

– Joan F.

My improvement in digestive symptoms has improved my mood a lot and I’m more active, less worried and I feel like I’m eating better because I’m not worrying about what I’m eating and getting confused and frustrated!

– Jaime L.

“This has been a great experience. My program is so easy to follow, it’s not complicated. I look for my weekly emails to give me tips, etc. Erin doesn’t try and push things you don’t need. She listens and partners with you to make it your own! Highly recommended.”

– Luke M.

“I LOVE working with Erin. She is so encouraging, friendly, knowledgeable, and has really helped me figure out what is going on with ME and MY body. It feels like talking to a friend, but I can ask her all the questions I ever had and she will help me with them. I’m getting results with my blood sugar and weight quickly, so that’s a surprise bonus for me! :)”

– Bethany L.

“I am currently down 30 pounds and feel a lot healthier. I was used to suffering with constant bloating, heartburn, and anxiety, but they are all virtually non-existent now. I can’t wait to keep going.”

– Michelle F.

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