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Measure to Modify.

Our TruAge PACE, at-home epigenetic test analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level.

TruAge PACE is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want to track the progress of recent lifestyle, environmental, and medical interventions. It is often used after a patient understands all of the baseline and specific, age-related measurements included in the TruAge COMPLETE kit.

TruAge PACE answers the following age-related questions:

  • For each calendar year that passes, how many years is my body actually aging?
  • How long are my telomeres?
  • What can I do to improve my age-related, biological metrics?

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TruAge PACE Includes:

Pace of Aging Report

Discover how many years your body is aging on a biological level, for each calendar year that passes.

In our Pace of Aging report, we use the exclusively-licensed DunedinPACE algorithm to calculate your current speed of aging. This metric is different from an overall, biological age.

If you think of aging and life like driving down a road, your biological age would be your location, or overall mileage on the car. Perhaps you "sped" through your 20s before slowing your biological aging with healthier lifestyle habits in your 30s and 40s. Your current pace of aging, on the other hand, would be comparable to a speedometer- how fast you are now aging through life.

Telomere Length Report

Understand the role your telomeres play in your overall, biological aging with the help of our Telomere Length report. Discover how long your telomeres are, as well as how old you are based solely on that length.

Before age clocks were developed, telomere length was a popular measurement used to predict biological age. Now, it is just one of many significant biomarkers that cumulatively determine bodily aging.

As our cells age, the telomeres on their chromosomes become shorter and shorter, until the cell can no longer divide and reproduce. This eventually impacts how our tissues, organs, and organ systems function, along with our overall health.

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