Prenatal 36-Week Package

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Nutrition Consultation Package: 24 Weeks

This Package Includes 9 Months of Support for Fertility, Prenatal, or Postnatal Nutrition:

  • One 75-minute telehealth call and a 30-minute follow-up session every two weeks, for a total of eighteen (18) consultations, where we develop an individualized, optimized plan depending on your needs.
  • Full, custom diet plan that is realistic for your lifestyle.
  • Access to specialized testing for hormones, micronutrients, and nutrient-related genetics.
  • Interpretation of lab testing
  • Access to continuous glucose monitoring with recommendations/refinement of your plan (device is an additional cost).
  • Individualized meal plans (one every four weeks).
  • Customized, safe supplement protocol.
  • Personalized recommendations for how to optimize sleep, stress management, exercise, and personal care products for optimal outcomes.
  • Ideal for full pregnancy support.

Note, you must be eligible for in-person or tele-health consultations with our team of prenatal nutrition pros. Learn more here: https://www.pregnancynutritionist.net/prenatal-cer...

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