Cyrex Array 5 - Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

Early Autoimmune Screening and Identification
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Brand: Cyrex Labs

This panel measures predictive autoantibodies, some of which can appear up to 10 years before clinical symptoms. Efficiently and economically assesses possible tissue damage to multiple organs of the body.

This blood test measures predictive antibodies for diseases to multiple body organs up to 10 years before clinical symptoms occur. Tissue damage of the following organs is assessed: brain, thyroid, bone, pancreas, liver, heart, gut, joint, testis, and ovaries.

You may consider this test if you have a diagnosed autoimmune disorder, chronic symptoms, or chronic intestinal permeability.

More info at: https://www.joincyrex.com/the-cyrex-system/array-5-multiple-autoimmune-reactivity-screen

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