Cyrex Alzheimer’s LINX™ - Alzheimer’s-Associated Immune Reactivity

Leverage Your Window Of Opportunity For Intervention
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Brand: Cyrex Labs

Alzheimer's LINX™ makes it easier to identify the route of pathogenesis leading to cognitive decline and devise strategies to stop it. By addressing Blood-Brain Barrier breakdown, identifying and removing triggers and enhancing neuronal regeneration, one might be able to win the war on cognitive decline.

This blood test looks at antibodies to identify your risk and reactivity of triggers for developing neurological disorders. It monitors the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications for chemicals and foods that may cause reactions. This test is recommended for people that are interested in preventing, have early signs or are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, people that have gastrointestinal disorders or diabetes, and who played high-impact sports.

More details at: https://www.joincyrex.com/the-cyrex-system/alzheimers-linx

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