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The LipoMap® test is a panel of 33 lipid and lipoprotein tests performed by our high resolution 600 MHz NMR instruments. This is the most complete assessment of lipid metabolism commercially available for use in clinical practice.

Markers included: , TC, VLDL-C, IDL-C, Direct LDL-C, LDL6-C, HDL-C, Apo-AI, Apo-AII, ApoB, Total ApoB-P, LDL-P, VLDL-P, VLDL-ApoB, VLDL-TG, IDL-P, IDL-ApoB, IDL-TG, LDL-ApoB, LDL-TG, LDL-P 1-6, HDL-

Work with our team of clinicians to translate your results into a realistic, effective plan for optimizing cardiovascular risk.

Insurance billing available.

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Learn more: https://bostonheartdiagnostics.com/test/lipomap/

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