Lisa Peacock, BS, CPB

Administrative Director

Hello, I am Empowered Nutrition’s Administrative Director. I am an Air Force veteran, military spouse, and mama to three amazing girls.

I became interested in healthcare management after struggling with the healthcare system while stationed overseas, and then even more so once back stateside. I decided to get my degree in Health Services Management to try and streamline processes and prevent others from experiencing many of the issues I had endured.

I have long had a passion for health and fitness. I am always looking to expand my knowledge on the nutritional impact on overall wellness. When I met Erin and heard of her plan to open Empowered Nutrition, I couldn’t wait to become part of her team!

Personal Life

I have a passion for indoor tropical plants and gardening, distance running, and CrossFit! I am excited to assist our clients pursue their best selves and am here to help however I can!

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