Precision Functional Medicine Testing

(Specialty) optional lab testing will optimize our outcomes together

Precision labs allow us to find and address root causes

While traditional labs provide important clinical information, some questions can only be answered using specialty testing. This testing allows us to play detective so that your nutrition therapy will be highly personalized and effective.

Specialized testing allows us to get a fuller assessment, so that you can get the best possible outcomes.

Specialized testing can be discussed at any visit and is a component of step 4 of our process HERE.

Ultimately, we combine your labs, preferences, lifestyle, and clinical picture to create a highly individualized and effective plan.

Here are some of the specialty tests we use most often:

Want to get started with a precision plan based on testing?

We’ll discuss specialty testing during your initial consult, and any additional time when it might be helpful. No patient is ever pressured to get specialty testing – we work with you preferences. You can learn more about our test offerings HERE. To get started, join us via our combined primary care and nutrition practice: Thrive.

Access Nutrition-Centric Healthcare

We now operate as a combined team of primary care and nutrition providers, so that you can get truly nutrition-centric healthcare. Learn more at Thrive!
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