The Power of Personalized Nutrition: Ashley Koff, RD

Surrounded by nutrition information but still confused?

If so, that’s very normal! 

We live in a world of ‘infobesity’: there’s more than we can process, and the conflicts are overwhelming.  This problem ESPECIALLY applies to nutrition!  

Yet, despite all that info, most people are still confused about what to eat, when, and how.  

The answer: personalized nutrition.  In the end, there’s no ‘one correct answer’ when it comes to nutrition.  Instead, the secret to success is to find and customize what’s best for YOU.

So, how is that achieved?  It can be a daunting process even for nutrition pros.  

My guest this episode is Ashely Koff, RD.  She’s hacked this problem by creating a streamlined process for personalized nutrition.  In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is infobesity and why it’s harmful
  • Why personalization is the solution to optimizing wellness
  • The difference between problem vs. person-centered healthcare approaches
  • How to streamline the diet personalization process
  • Why a Rainbow Evaluation is a great way to get started with personalized nutrition
  • How practitioners can get started with a proven system for providing personalized nutrition care (discount offer below)

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