How to Leverage Hormones, Breath, and Exercise to Optimize Pelvic Floor Health

Dr. Addie Holzmann has joined us for an incredible conversation surrounding pelvic floor and ALL THINGS related to exercise, hormones, and breathwork.

They all play a specific role in your life postpartum. Have you ever wondered what you could do to feel more support and efficiency during your workouts and PT sessions postpartum and beyond? We answered all of your questions and then some about how to live your best life and achieve optimal health.

Today, we do a huge deep dive into:

  • How Dr. Addie Holzmann get into this practice?
  • What common threads does she notice for mom’s postpartum?
  • Are kegels the way to success?
  • Is there a best way to cycle your workout around your period?
  • Who else would be best suited to visit a pelvic floor physical therapist?
  • How much does breath work play a role?
  • How do other muscles play a role in the pelvic muscle optimal function?
  • Okay, so where does the nervous system and stress fit into all of this?
  • And of course, where can we find more information about Dr. Addie’s practice?

 Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

Want to know more of Dr. Addie’s practice and offerings?

Let us hook you up! You can find her on her website, follow her suggestions and insight on Instagram, and follow her practice on Facebook. She is also so gracious to offer our listeners 20% off either “To Mom and Back” program version using the code: “momstrong” AND/OR  one free month of “Floor to Core”!

Prefer to watch instead of listen? We love to put a face to the name, and Addie’s is one to recognize.  You can see our livestreamed chat on our YouTube channel!

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