Nutrition and Training Through Your Cycle

Feel that you are constantly struggling with energy throughout your cycle? Not sure what to eat or when to use your hormones to push your workout to the next level?

We are once again joined by Dr. Addie Holzmann for her second podcast episode with us to talk about all things related to training and nutrition throughout your hormone cycle! This episode will help you understand why your workouts fluctuate throughout your month and how you can leverage hormones to be on your side.

We answer these questions and more:

  • How can we optimize our training cycle with your menstrual cycle?
  • What does that mean for folks that are on a hormonal birth control?
  • Working out through each of the phases of your cycle: menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal
  • What should nutrition look like during each of these phases?
  • Which phases are best to do HIIT and higher strength workouts?
  • What phases are telling us that we need some rest and recovery?
  • How do things change in perimenopause? Or even post-menopause?
  • How does weight training play a role?
  • Which apps are the best to help track your cycle?

You’re going to enjoy this one!

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