PCOS & Women’s Health

Improve PCOS, menstrual issues, and fertility with an integrative care plan.

Your diagnosis is not your destiny.

If you’re like many women with PCOS or other menstrual conditions, you may have been given a birth control prescription as your complete medical plan. Not only does this fail to fix the underlying problem, but birth control actually can cause new health problems.

The truth is, PCOS or another gynecological diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re forever stuck taking birth control, or living with syndromes like irregular periods, fertility challenges, male pattern hair growth, acne, and excess weight gain. With us, you’ll overcome the root causes of your hormone imbalances, so you can experience healthier periods, improved fertility, and metabolic health. Our goal is to help you live a full and vibrant life without worrying about menstrual health or fertility challenges.

Our Approach to Managing Women’s Health

We take the confusion out of finding your solution, by providing powerfully effective functional nutrition therapy to address your female hormone concerns from the root.

Nutrition Therapy

We offer personalized meal plans that prioritize hormone-healthy foods and avoid ingredients that disrupt your system. 

Test and Supplements

We recommend strategic tests to pinpoint your imbalances, then create a streamlined supplement protocol to accelerate your healing.

Environmental Assessment

We address the other key areas of life (such as home environment, sleep, and stress) to allow your body to fall into a natural balance.

Nutrition-Centric Solutions for Women’s Health


– Insulin Resistance

– Hormonal Weight Gain

– Infertility

– Menstrual Irregularities & PMS

– Gynecological Health

– Pregnancy Support

– Postnatal Support

– Perimenpause & Menopause

Wondering if we’re a good fit? Get in touch. We’ll discuss your women’s health challenges and goals and how we can support you.

Our practitioners are experts in women’s health.

As experts in women’s care, we don’t just want to reverse your symptoms—we want to see you thrive. 

That’s why we use a nutrition-centric care approach to help you manage your unique symptoms and challenges with the power of food and functional medicine. We’ll give you the tools you need to know exactly how have a delicious and nutritionally complete diet that supports your hormone health and leaves you feeling good through every phase of life.

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“This team is a wealth of knowledge combining nutrition and functional medicine! I started seeing them to check on hormone health and individual nutrition needs and I am very confident in the plan and support going forward!”

Addie H.

A whole-body, food-first approach to women’s health

We offer more than a ‘fix’ to your menstrual or fertility challenges – we help you heal them from the root.

Step 1

Learn more about how to optimize your wellness with root-cause healthcare HERE.

Step 2

Complete our ‘Get Started’ form. We want to know you better! We’ll reach out to send secure intake forms. We also collect a detailed assessment and any labs you wish to provide. We want the whole story!

Step 3

Meet with us for your initial visit. We’ll review your assessment, you’ll get several choices for first steps, and you’ll get a detailed plan with all of the info and support that you need for success.

Step 4

Complete any desired additional assessments such as functional lab testing, body composition or metabolic assessment, or blood glucose monitoring (all optional).

Step 5

If desired, get additional support with group programs or weekly email check-ins.

Step 6

Meet with us on a recurring basis to further optimize your plan, move to further stages, and eventually achieve independent wellness!

PCOS symptoms and fertility challenges are not your destiny. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with a plan to optimize your hormones.

Don’t have insurance? No problem.

We are still the best way to access root-cause care at an affordable rate. Learn more HERE.

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We’re Now Available in Combination with Primary Care

Nutrition shouldn’t be aside from your healthcare. Instead, access nutrition-centric healthcare: a primary team and functional dietitian combo.

Nutrition Professionals You Can Trust

Many claim to be a nutritionist, but only a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) meets rigorous academic requirements to include extensive clinical training, a nutrition degree from an accredited university, passing a rigorous board exam, and meeting continuing education requirements. Further, we are Licensed Registered Dietitians (LDNs) in the state of North Carolina. We are further credentialed in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. We stay informed of guidelines set by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in order to provide our patients with expert nutrition counseling.

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