The Myths about Macronutrients

If you’re here, you may already know a thing or two about macronutrients.

But what does it really break down to? Is there a special formula for everyone? Is tracking your macros the optimal way to reach your health goals? We get into it with Dr. Ashley Dwyer on today’s podcast: The Myths about Macros!

Today, we cover:

  • How did Dr. Dwyer start her practice?
  • What is the main coaching strategy that is taught in her practice?
  • What are the main myths surrounding macros?
  • What are the benefits of tracking macros?
  • What does the term “metabolic restoration” mean?
  • Is intuitive eating possible?
  • What does the ideal macro break down look like?
  • What is reverse dieting? And so much more!

Let’s get after it!

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