Low FODMAP meals for improved IBS

Curious if Low-FODMAP can deliver digestive bliss?

Then, don’t miss this discussion from two GI-focused Dietitians!

In this episode of the Empowered Nutrition Podcast, Registered Dietitian Katie Regan discusses the low FODMAP diet as a powerful way to reduce digestive problems: bloating, gas, stool changes, reflux, and abdominal pain.

Katie and Erin discuss how they use the low FODMAP diet in practice and how to get started.  Specifically, we discuss whether someone needs to have an IBS diagnosis in order to try the diet.  We also talk about ‘low FODMAP light’, a way for people to try out this diet in a less restrictive way.

Katie also shares the quickest way to get your hands on low FODMAP meals at a discount (this is the best way to give it a try without learning the diet)!  These meals are available through Modify Health.  You can give them a try and get $47 off your first order of eight meals with free shipping!  Use the code 4Recovery at checkout from: https://modifyhealth.com/

You can also learn more about the low FODMAP diet from Erin’s free seminar: https://recoveryfromibs.clickfunnels.com/4tummytroubletricks_webinar_reg   

Grab some Low FODMAP meals at a discount!: [es_button link=”https://modifyhealth.com/” button_text=”Use discount code 4RECOVERY at Modify Health” style=”filled-button” color=”teal”]


low fodmap meals
Get a discount and free shipping on 8 meals with code 4RECOVERY at checkout!

Any questions about digestive problems, IBS, or the Low FODMAP diet? Sent me a questions via the contact page!

Curious to hear more? Check the podcast episode:


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