Regain your energy & fix your periods by syncing your life with your cycle

Want to increase your energy and regulate your period?

In this episode, Leisha discusses ways to improve your hormone balance and fix your periods and improve energy levels.

Leisha Drews is an RN, FDN-P and women’s health educator with a passion for holistic women’s healthcare.

She believes that there is so much more to hormone health than just “getting by” or using band-aid solutions to cover up symptoms and loves to help her clients get to the root cause of their hormone and gut issues so they can have better energy, better periods, and feel like themselves again (even as a mom!)

She uses functional lab testing and personalized health education and protocols to support her clients along their health journey, and believes that support and accountability are key in truly making progress.

When not talking about periods, Leisha can be found hanging out with her two kids outside, trying a new recipe, or planning an adventure.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The story of how she struggled with her own health and became interested in women’s health from a functional medicine standpoint
  • A few of her “quick shift” ideas for women who want to try and improve their energy levels, hormone health and cycles
  • Some of the elemental points for feeding female bodies to ensure there are the proper building blocks for energy levels and hormone balance
  • The importance of sleep for women’s health, determining how much sleep is needed, and how to improve sleep quality
  • The major environmental factors that have impact on endocrine disruption and how to check products for safety
  • Macro cycling based on menstruation cycle and the benefits of cycling for those with bad cycles, PMS, cycle irregularity, and exhaustion
  • How each week of your cycle can require different needs and provide different benefits: 
    • Week one is a more inward and gentle and planning week
    • Week two -three are times of high social and physical energy 
    • Week four as a week of your period and ensuring you have time to “recharge” 
  • Resources for Cycle Syncing 
  • Functional solutions and testing to help prevent the need for birth control for hormonal balance to include fixing gut health, DUTCH testing for complete hormone testing, mineral testing, and liver support 
  • The importance of liver function and foods and supplements to support the liver and detoxification
  • How to contact Leisha for more information  

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 Instagram: @abundant.life.wellness

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