To Ketosis and Beyond!

Think that the ketogenic was just a trendy diet a few years ago? Not so fast!

The ketogenic diet is here to stay and we called on the Keto Katz to explain why they have built a whole business around it. Best friends, registered dietitian, Lisa Mislevy, and expert keto cook, Anna Sherman, have teamed up in and are here to discuss all about the ketogenic diet today! Ironically, it is right on time with what we have coming up in our clinic as well, but more about that later.

In our newest podcast episode, we unpack:

  • How did these two best friends get into a ketogenic business together?
  • Who would benefit from a ketogenic diet?
  • Will the ketogenic diet impact your labs for the better?
  • What does the ketogenic diet look like in real life?
  • Is there any fun allowed? Can I have a social life?
  • Is this realistic, time wise? How do we make it easier on ourselves?
  • Where can we order some delicious keto-friendly snacks?

Let’s dig in! 😉

Want to try some of the Keto Katz’ delicious snacks?

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