How to Use a CGM to Optimize Blood Sugar

What’s a wellness hack nobody talks about? Wearing a CGM!

A CGM is the common abbreviation for a continuous glucose monitor – a wearable device that uses real-time data to help you understand and manage your blood sugar spikes from food after meals. Typically, most CGM devices are worn on the upper arm or abdomen for 7-10 days and provide continuous glucose readings every 5 minutes to a Bluetooth-enabled smart device.

As you might expect, a CGM graph could determine if you are experiencing frequent blood sugar spikes after meals, however, there are other factors that can lead to blood sugar imbalances (and frequent blood spikes) like stress, poor sleep quality, medications, and dehydration. Long term blood sugar dysregulation can lead to insulin resistance, which drives inflammation, chronic diseases, excessive hunger, immune suppression and fat storage.

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss my favorite insider tips and tricks to optimizing blood sugar and give you a sneak peek into the process of how our dietitians interpret data from your device, including:

  • Using your waking and sleeping times to set blood sugar goals 
  • Looking at your baseline glucose numbers
  • What does your blood sugar look like after a meal? What about two hours after a meal?
  • Nighttime glucose levels
  • Setting happy-medium goals for individuals with insulin resistance
  • Experimenting with meal times, carbohydrate quality, alcohol, fasting, and improving external factors like stress and sleep
Ready to dive in? Listen here!
Want to use real-time data to understand your blood sugar? Grab a CGM device here!

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