A Holistic Outlook on Health and Mindset with Brian Keane

Stressed about the upcoming holiday season? Don’t worry!

We talked with personal trainer, nutritionist, best-selling author, and podcast host, Brian Keane, on how to change your mindset in our most recent podcast episode! Brian has such a relatable attitude when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals, it really is a must listen!

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • The root of your weight loss woes: is it hormonal or mindset?
  • The three foundational truths to seeing your goals come to life
  • The three buckets that need to be focused on within goal setting
  • The overlooked tool that can contribute to hitting your goals faster
  • How to get ahead of the weekend fall-off
  • The way to check-in with your body to see if hunger is true or emotional
  • Strategies to cope with emotional eating
  • The best way(s) to leverage your motivation and stay consistent

It’s an incredible episode, you won’t want to miss it!

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