The Gut Health Blueprint with Claire Carlton, MS, RD

Want a diet protocol that also addresses the gut microbiome AND mindfulness?

On this week’s podcast we discuss The Gut Health Blueprint framework with Claire Carlton, MS, RD!

In this episode, we have a great discussion with Claire Carlton, MS, RD, a Registered Dietitian specializing in nutrition for digestive disorders. She works with women 1:1 in her virtual private practice, Nourish with Claire. As a specialist in nutrition for gastrointestinal health, she guides clients through her signature Gut Health Blueprint framework to unearth the root of chronic symptoms and help them discover lasting wellness.

With a Master’s degree in Nutrition combined with additional training in the areas of integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition and Intuitive Eating, Claire has created a holistic approach that focuses on one’s relationship with food while integrating nutrition and lifestyle strategies that address the root cause of their health concerns. This method allows clients to step away from diet culture while they create mindful and sustainable habits to support their health and wellness goals.

In this episode:

  • What got Claire into nutrition: she was exposed to diabetes and healthcare from a young age and in grad school had digestive problems
  • Claire’s Functional Nutrition training, IFNA – intro to field of functional nutrition
  • Her “gut health blueprint” Framework (nutrition, microbiome, mindfulness)
  • How nutrition impacts the microbiome by increasing microbe diversity
  • The microbiome and mindfulness connection: how the Gut Brain connection (enteric nervous system) can be disrupted with TBI, stress, etc.
  • How mindfulness and nutrition intersect: leveraging intuitive eating and body trust
  • The 3 pillars that must align in order to achieve digestive harmony
  • The potential downfalls of elimination diets
    • Not appropriate (ED, malnutrition)
    • Lack of reintroduction plan w/ elimination diets
    • Microbiome diversity
    • Nutritional inadequacy
    • Added stress
  • How to ID food triggers of GI dysfunction
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship with food during gut healing diet – use a hunger/fullness scale
  • Mindfulness practices to aid digestion
    • Slowing down, deep breathing
    • Flavor features, try to identify cravings (ex: cool, crisp, crunchy)
    • Using new or different herbs and spices
    • Look at food before eating
  • How Claire approaches the combination of anxiety and digestive problems
    • Routine, Vagal nerve activation (gargling)
  • How to get started with mindfulness while being busy or overwhelmed
    • Bowl or ‘Wardrobe’ meals
    • Sauces, Claire recommends this Dill Cream Sauce (Credit to Selva @happybellnutrition)

Find Claire on Instagram @mindful.gut.nutritionist

To learn more about Claire’s practice visit her website: https://nourishwithclaire.com/

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