Optimize your nutrition without supplements: Sara Cullen, Founder + CEO of GEM

Want to optimize your nutrition without supplements?

If you’re looking for a simple, real-food solution to optimal health, check out GEM!

My friends over at GEM make some delicious daily bites that pack some crazy nutrition punch.  If you want to optimize your nutrition, but you either don’t like pills or would rather avoid processed supplements, GEM is meant for you.

The GEM team sources sustainably grown, carbon-negative, nutrient-dense ingredients.  Then, they combine those ingredients with the help of their scientific advisory board (myself included) to provide a targeted dose of the synergistic nutrients and phytochemicals that fill the gaps most common in the modern world.

The GEM ‘daily essentials’ bite fills the most common gaps that women have.  Then, their new bites serve some special functions: you can optimize your immune health with the immunity bite, and the sleep bite is meant to support restful sleep.

Oh, and I’ve tried them all.  They’re delicious!

Join me as I discuss GEM with founder and CEO Sara Cullen.  We talk about:

  • The problems with regular dietary supplements
  • Why food isn’t enough in the modern world
  • The GEM advisory and formulation process
  • The unexpected sustainable and nutrient-dense ingredients included
  • Our surprising take on sustainability (ditching meat isn’t the key)
  • Who’s a good fit for gem (pill haters, I’m looking at you)

Want to give GEM a try?  Use code Erin25 for 25% off your first order at: www.dailygem.co

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