Dietitian Erin Skinner’s Top 3 Reasons to Get a Functional Hormone Panel

Could a functional hormone panel explain your fatigue and resistance to weight loss?

The answer is yes, but it’s really difficult to find a solution to hormonal imbalances through conventional testing. 

Here’s why: Hormonal imbalances can cause a multitude of symptoms such as weight loss resistance, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and common menstrual cycle symptoms like mood swings, breast tenderness and PMS. Evaluating hormones through conventional hormone labs are equivocally comparable to looking at a small part of a bigger picture. 

So, what’s the preferred approach for hormone health and what are the reasons why you should get a functional hormone panel? Stay tuned as I unravel the mystery of hormone testing and why the basic conventional markers such as TSH, T4, estradiol, etc., will not give you the whole picture. 

In this episode, I discuss my top three reasons for a functional hormone panel:

  • The concept of ‘pregnenolone steal’ and how chronic stress creates an environment that to make an insufficient amount of sex hormones. 
  • Not only looking at sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, but also testing for an imbalance in the adrenal hormones. This can lead to an irregular cortisol pattern, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety, weight gain, and excessive hunger.
  • Understanding your risks for breast cancer by evaluating estrogen metabolites. Functional hormone panels are great for looking at the individual pathways an estrogen molecule can become in your body and whether the estrogen in your body is more prone to being protective or promoting of breast cancer. 
Let’s get into it! 

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