All About Heavy Metals – Sources, Detox, and Nutrition

Heavy Metals – Should You Be Concerned?

Yes, we all are at risk for exposure. However, we shouldn’t freak out.

Heavy metals are all around: in the water, in our food, in our dental fillings, and even on toys!

In this episode of the Empowered Nutrition Podcast, I share all about heavy metals: why to care, what the risks are, how to screen for exposure, and how metals detox works.

I also share the results of my split test of two popular heavy metals tests: Genova Nutrient and Toxic Elements and Vibrant Wellness Heavy Metals.

Finally, I share the specific metals detox protocol that I used after my testing.

You can grab my test results here:

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Here are the specific topics I discuss in the episode:

  1. What are the most common heavy metals?
  2. What sources are the most common?
  3. What are the signs and symptoms of toxicity?
  4. What are the long-term risks of heavy metal exposure?
  5. What tests do I use to screen for exposure?
  6. How do the body’s natural metals detoxification pathways work and how can we support detox?
  7. My own specific protocol that I followed for 10 days after my metals testing
  8. The findings of my heavy metals split test – and what I’m doing about it

You can download my two reports here: 

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If you want more details about the 10-day detox protocol I did, it’s the Metagenics Clear Change program. You can check it out at my Wellevate page. There, you can also make an account to get the kit at a discount (it includes the medical food, detox support supplement, and diet guide):

Any questions about heavy metals (risks, sources, testing, or detox)? Sent me a questions via the contact page!

Curious to hear more?  Check out my podcast episode where I describe my test results in detail, plus share my interpretation of them:


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