Episode 11: Boosting Kid’s Immune Function

We’ve all been there:

You get up, get ready, start making breakfast (you’ve got things to do today!) and BAM….kid wakes up sick. 

Total day changer. 

Fortunately, there are things we can do nutritionally to reduce how much this happens! 

In this episode, I share what specific nutrients boost children’s immunity.

Below, I also share the exact supplements that I use with my 3 boys (they have perfect attendance records). 😉

Supplements mentioned in this episode (you can grab them from a trusted source at a discount at Wellevate:

Vitamin D3 Drops

d3 liquid

Cod Liver Oil

dha junior

Second Cod Liver Oil (for flavor variety)

Arctic Cod Liver Oil

Grab these at a discount from Wellevate

Curious to hear more?  Check out my podcast episode where I describe exactly how I use these supplements and what foods I emphasize:

The mission of the Empowered Nutrition podcast is to help busy, fit women optimize their metabolic, digestive, and hormonal health. 

If you’re excited about that idea, I’d love to hear from you! What topics are you excited to hear about on the show? Send me a question or topic suggestion a the survey HERE. I’ll add it to my list!

I’m looking forward to our chats!

Best wishes,


Erin Skinner

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