Functional Medicine’s Role In Modern Healthcare with Dr. Aaron Hartman

Want to learn how functional medicine fits into the modern healthcare model?

On this week’s podcast we discuss the in’s and out’s of functional medicine and how it can be applied to your overall health with Dr. Aaron Hartman.

Dr. Hartman’s journey with functional medicine started when he & his wife adopted their first daughter from foster care. She has cerebral palsy & countless dietary issues. They went from specialist to specialist and, even as a physician, he felt let down & confused. His daughter’s health struggles forced him to confront an uncomfortable realization: Our current healthcare system doesn’t have all the answers. His wife, however, refused to give up hope. She ultimately pointed him to functional medicine. His daughter & other two kids began to thrive. After years in family practice, he felt called to make a dramatic shift.

He now helps patients identify leverage points in key areas of their lifestyle & health that harness their body’s remarkable power to heal and begin living the vibrant life they deserve. He has become the doctor for difficult and hard cases in central Virginia.

As a clinical researcher, Dr. Hartman has been involved with over 60 clinical studies, he is the founder of the Virginia Research Center, and currently is serving as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the VCU School of Medicine.

In 2016 he founded Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine.

In this episode:

  • His military experience and how he discovered functional medicine
  • His story w/ cerebral palsy + adoption
    • Lightbulb moment when daughter was faced with feeding tube for weight gain
  • The difference between traditional health and functional medicine
    • Best emergency medicine in the world, but the acute care model is lacking in treatments for chronic disease
  • Vitamin D’s role in Covid and Pneumonia and the lack of testing being indicative of a bigger problem
  • How gut health is central to wellness
  • How gut health impacts autism, ASD, autoimmunity, metabolic health, cancer, inflammation
  • Why working out over an hour can be a problem
  • The issues with low fat and “low saturated fat” diets
  • Who most American are too unhealthy to fast
  • Why the fasting routine he recommends for women limits exercise
    • Goal is 12-16 hours
    • Introduce exercise at the end of the fast
  • How hypermobility impacts women and what nutrients are more important: Vit C, collagen, B vitamins, trace minerals, zinc, and bone broth
  • How hypermobility can lead to sleep apnea then high blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Used to be EOS type 3 – “Hypermobility spectrum disorder”

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