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Diet Planning for Hormone Imbalance

Nutrition Therapy For Men and Women

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Registered Dietitians Can Help With Hormone Imbalances

Functional Nutrition Therapy for PCOS, Sexual Dysfunction, Reproductive Health, and More

Hormone Imbalance can cause a number of problematic symptoms, such as mood imbalances, sexual dysfunction, painful periods, and problems concieving.  Consequently, these imbalances are not often well-addressed in conventional healthcare settings.  The frustrating truth is that quick fixes do not address the underlying issues that drive hormone imbalances.  

How We Help

Achieving optimal hormone balance requires a root-cause assessment, which is then followed by a customized, specific diet plan that includes:

  • Diet quality, including increased nutrient density, and removing too many foods can be harmful
  • Avoiding or minimizing certain foods
  • Specific meal plans and recipes, to keep stress low
  • Involving supplements that can support hormone balance
  • An environmental assessment and plan, to provide your hormones the ability to rebalance

Hormone Imbalance Conditions We Address

As certified nutritionist experts in hormone health, we can help optimize your nutrition for the following conditions:

  • Women’s Health:
    • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
    • PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
    • PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)
    • Perimenopause
    • Menopause
    • Reproductive issues
    • Gestational nutrition
    • Prenatal nutrition
    • Postnatal nutrition
    • Amenorrhea
    • Dysmenorrhea
    • Oligomenorrhea
  • We also address hormone imbalances in men:
    • Low testosterone in men
    • Estrogen dominance in men
    • Testosterone dominance in women
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Low sperm count, and/or poor sperm quality in men

How Our Individualized Diet Plans Improve Hormone Balance

Many factors in our modern environment can threaten hormone balance. For example, some of these factors include:

  • Foods that impact hormones
  • Environmental chemicals
  • Food and drink contaminants
  • Stress
  • Sleep quality
  • Exercise (amount and type)
  • Nutrition and diet quality
  • Gut and digestive health
  • Social environment

As hormone health dietitians, we are able to help you assess each of these areas, prioritize them, and select what specific steps to take in order to get the quickest improvement. You will therefore learn to manage your symptoms and problems through dietary interventions specific to your needs.

Registered Dietitians are the ideal professionals to help with your hormone balance.  We know how to interface with your medical doctor to provide you with a coordinated plan.  We also know how to take a detailed look at your diet and environment so that we can create a customized plan for you.  Also, we’re experts at helping you through the individualized, custom dietary interventions that are needed. We promise to make this process easy to follow.

We can also help individualize your plan with advanced hormone testing.

Personalized Dietary Interventions for True, Lasting Hormone Balance

With an individualized diet plan, you can cut through the confusion and experience the relief of great hormonal health. You’ll also feel empowered knowing the right diet to eat with confidence. We’ll give you the tools you need to know exactly how have a delicious and nutritionally complete diet. You’ll have a plan that leaves you feeling good.

Also, we don’t just give you a plan and send you out the door. Your personal RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) will support you throughout your journey.

Finally, our goal is to get you to where you don’t need us! We teach you how to follow our process on your own, so that you can have ongoing, independent success with hormonal balance.

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An Overview of Our Results-Driven Process

Step 2

We want to know you better! You’ll complete our secure forms. We also collect a detailed assessment and any labs you wish to provide. We want the whole story!

Step 3

Meet with us for your initial visit. We’ll review your assessment, then give you several choices for first steps. You’ll also get a detailed plan with all of the info and support you need for success.

Step 4

Complete any desired additional assessments such as functional lab testing, body composition or metabolic assessment, or blood glucose monitoring (all optional).

Step 5

If desired, get additional support with group programs or weekly email check-ins.

Step 6

Meet with us on a recurring basis to further optimize your plan, move to further stages, and eventually achieve independent wellness!

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Nutrition Professionals You Can Trust

Many claim to be a nutritionist. However, only a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) meets rigorous academic requirements. This includes: Extensive clinical training, a nutrition degree from an accredited university, passing a rigorous board exam, and meeting continuing education requirements. Further, we are Licensed Registered Dietitians (LDNs) in the state of North Carolina. Additionally, we are credentialed in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. By staying informed of guidelines set by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we’re therefore able to provide our patients with expert nutrition counseling.

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