Diet Culture and The State of Paleo

Sick of diet culture?  Wondering if the Paleo movement is dead?

If so, don’t miss this podcast episode with my nutrition twin Jenny Champion!

Jenny and I are two like-minded Dietitians who both believe in a positive, supportive, feminine approach to a paleo diet.  For years, we’ve focused our practices around the promotion of a healthy paleo diet (for women).

However, the paleo movement has been seeing a decline in popular culture.  Also, we both feel that diet culture can be incredibly harmful.  In fact, we’ve both been harmed by diet culture in the past.  On the other, hand, we both also see the opposite extreme as harmful.  In our practice as Dietitians, we enjoy helping women strike a balance between the two extremes of dieting and ‘anything goes’ eating.  Instead, we help women move into a healthy place with their nutrition and with self-love.

In this episode, Jenny and I discuss all things diet culture (we share our stories about disordered eating recovery), the ‘healthy at every size’ movement, body positivity, and where we see the future of the paleo movement.

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Curious to hear more? Check the podcast episode:

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