Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor with individualized interpretation and support

Get blood sugar data readings in real-time, so that you can see how it responds to foods, drinks activities, sleep, and stress levels.

continuous glucose monitor

How does a Continuous Glucose Monitor work?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) painlessly and safely takes blood glucose readings every 5 minutes, sending this information to your smart phone.  You can then use the included app to see how your body responds to foods and life patterns.  This information can then be used to improve your daily average, your time in-range (not going too high or low), and to even optimize a ketogenic diet.

The device takes these readings by inserting a tiny filament into the skin.  The reader is then worn for ten days.  You can wear it during daily activities such as exercise, showering, and swimming. 

The Dexcom G6 system includes:

  • Simple auto-applicator – a one-touch applicator easily inserts a small sensor just beneath the skin.
  • Sensor and transmitter – a slim sensor continuously measures glucose levels just beneath the skin and sends data wirelessly to a display device through a transmitter.
  • Display device – a small touch screen receiver or compatible smart device (sold separately) displays real-time glucose data.

Why choose a Dexcom G?

The Dexcom G6 is the best continuous glucose monitor because it is FDA approved for clinical use.  This is not true of most direct-to-consumer CGM devices.  However, most FDA approved devices are available only with a prescription and are very expensive.  The Dexcom G6 is affordable and available without prescription, shipped directly to your door.

Can I use a continuous glucose monitor for weight loss?

Yes, keeping blood sugar stable and insulin low is critical for successful weight loss.  A variety of factors, such as the composition of your microbiome, cause you to have unique blood sugar responses to foods.  For example, you might have a spike after eating a sweet potato whereas your friend may have spikes after apples, or visa-versa. 

Continuous glucose monitoring allows you to learn your individual responses to food in real-time, so that you can best optimize your blood sugar for weight loss success. 

Ideally, complement your CGM with support and guidance from our expert Registered Dietitians. We can help you to interpret your data.  We also make sure you get value from the data.  We help you make a plan that is effective at getting you to your goals. 

Can I use a continuous glucose monitor for type 2 diabetes?

Absolutely.  Continuous glucose monitoring was originally developed for diabetics.  Blood glucose responses to foods vary by individual, so a CGM helps you to optimize your diet for improved average blood glucose and time in range. 

The real-time blood glucose data that you get from a CGM is invaluable for optimizing diabetes and hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c). 

Ideally, complement your CGM with support and guidance from our expert Registered Dietitians. We can help you to interpret your data.  We also make sure you get value from the data.  We help you make a plan that is effective at getting you to your goals.

Who else can benefit from continuous glucose monitoring?

Blood glucose control is important for healthy aging, cognition, heart health, and sports performance.  So, virtually anyone can benefit from using a CGM at least once. 

The insights that come from real-time CGM data are actionable in a variety of ways.  It can be used to plan macronutrient combinations, carbohydrate food choices and amounts, optimize ketosis, plan exercise timing and volume, optimize sleep timing, and even to determine whether intermittent fasting is beneficial. 

Our experienced Registered Dietitians can help you to interpret your data, then to leverage that data into an actionable plan. Contact us for more information, or purchase a CGM and we’ll be in touch with more details and support.

How much does a continuous glucose monitor cost?

Most direct-to-consumer CGMs cost $200 or more.  Insurance companies charge around $1200 for a prescribed device that is not covered.  Our CGMs are available for $140 total, including shipping.  Purchase your device from our online store (below) and we’ll ship it directly to you. We’ll also reach out to ask if you’d like expert dietitian support with your interpretation and planning based on your CGM data.

Personalized Dietitian support for continuous glucose monitoring

Our Registered and Licensed Dietitians are trained and experienced with helping you to understand and interpret your real-time CGM data.  Your Dexcom G6 device data syncs directly to our clinic account, so that we can see your data in real time.  During your 10 days of monitoring, you’ll have direct chat access to our Dietitian coaches, so that you can discuss your patterns as they appear.  This chat support is included in your continuous glucose monitor cost of $140.  This included 10-day coaching includes:

  • Education about your data and what it means
  • Coaching of simple things to try or implement based on your readings
  • Tips on how to optimize your 10 days for the most value
  • Support for technical challenges and questions
  • Insights on how to best optimize your diet and lifestyle going forward

After your 10 days of monitoring is complete, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a Dietitian on our team, so that you can combine your CGM data with your full medical picture to create a complete and realistic plan.  We’ll turn your CGM data into a tool that you can use to improve your health and longevity.

Is the Dexcom G6 Safe?

Yes, the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor is FDA approved and safe for ages 2 years and above.  Your device comes with a simple self-applicator and a sensor/transmitter that clips to it.  This transmitter sends the data to your bluetooth device (you will use an app to see your data).  The CGM comes with full instructions and support from our team.  The device is contraindicated during MRI, pregnancy, dialysis, and critical illness.  Read more about Dexcom G6 safety here: https://www.dexcom.com/safety-information

Is my device compatible with the Dexcom G6?

You’ll need a bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, to read your CGM data in real time.  You can check the compatibility of your device with the Dexcom G6 here: https://www.dexcom.com/compatibility

More questions about the Dexcom G6? 

Search the full Dexcom G6 FAQ here: https://www.dexcom.com/faqs/dexcom-g6-cgm-system or CONTACT US.

Ready to get started with continuous glucose monitoring?

Awesome!  Make sure you check your device compatibility HERE  

Then, just purchase your device from our store below.  We’ll reach out to get you set up, and we’ll send the device directly to you.  The device comes with full instructions and support from us.  It also includes chat with our Dietitian coaches for the 10 days of monitoring. 

We also recommend setting up a consult with us HERE for after your 10 days are complete.  We’ll use that to leverage your data into a plan that’s realistic and effective for optimizing your health.

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