Root Causes of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Epigenomics and the Microbiome

with Deirdre Pizzoferrato, RDN, CDN

We understand that childhood obesity isn’t something that can be solved (or even explained) in one hour, but we scratch the surface with fellow registered dietitian, Deirdre Pizzoferrato, about what are some possibilities for the root causes and what are some of the preventative measures we can take to help shift the numbers in a positive direction.

Today, we unpack:

  • What are some of the root causes of childhood obesity?
  • How much does our genetics and epigenomics play a role?
  • What is the primary prevention?
  • Can nutrition during pregnancy impact the child’s metabolism?
  • How do these factors this impact the microbiome?
  • How does this tie back into the gut-brain relationship?
  • What are the different methods to childhood feeding?

Let’s get into it!

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