Should You Use ChatGPT for Nutrition Advice?

Ready or not, Artificial Intelligence is taking over our world and the way we receive information…

AI chatbots such as Chat GPT allows you to have human-like conversations and can answer questions to assist you with tasks, custom workout plans, etc…you name it!

On today’s podcast episode, I tested Chat GPT’s responses to basic nutrition questions to determine how reliable the responses are in comparison to a dietitian’s evidence-based recommendations. AI is not perfect, and ChatGPT is always programmed to find you an answer, so think of the chatbot like a “Super google” to get one synthesized answer.

Listen to hear how Chat GPT responded to the following questions!

  • “How much fish oil is safe to consume?”
  • “What supplements should I take for PCOS?”
  • “Is it healthy to follow a carnivore diet?”
  • “Is saturated fat unhealthy?”
  • “Are vegan diets healthy?”

As always, AI is not a replacement for a healthcare practitioner’s advice. Please discuss your healthcare with a licensed professional.

Ready to dive in? Lets go!

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