The Truth Behind Blue Zones

Have you heard of ‘Blue Zones’ before? Ever wondered what is behind the root of those locations and what the nutritional research suggests?

Join me for a discussion with fellow Registered Dietitian and global expert on food sustainability, Diana Rodgers.  Diana and I both have a ‘beef’ to pick with the Blue Zones

Listen in on this discussion in which we both share what we have found in terms of:

  • The nutritional adequacy of the diet
  • Overall confounding factors in healthy aging aside from diet 
  • The flaws in the research supporting the diet
  • The evidence for a high degree of fraud and error among centenarian data (see Saul Newman article below)
  • Conflicts of interest that impact the promotion of vegetarian and vegan diets
  • How the Blue Zones diet stacks up to my typical diet (my specific data listed in the below report)
  • Where you can learn more about Diana and her important work around sustainable agriculture and nutrition

Check out the full episode here!

Enjoyed what Diana Had to say?

So did we! You can find out more about Diana by visiting her website, checking out her film, reading her book, or learning about her work with the Global Food Justice Alliance.

Want to learn even more about Blue Zones?

Check out my report that I mentioned in the episode, or this article by Saul Newman!

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