Registered Dietitian Near Pinehurst, NC

Are chronic health issues keeping you from living the life you want? At Empowered Nutrition, our team offers specialized nutrition therapy services to discover the source of chronic symptoms. If you’re tired of searching for answers, our registered dietitians near Pinehurst, NC, can help.

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Reclaim Your Health With A Registered Dietitian

We understand the human body is complex, and each needs a unique health and nutrition approach. Our registered dietitians use experience in integrative and functional nutrition therapy to help you recover from common health issues such as:

Working with a registered dietitian can help you understand how specific nutrition can benefit your lifestyle, health needs, and overall wellness. Our team uses a holistic approach through nutrition therapy to help discover the root cause of unwanted symptoms so you can begin healing. We can create a nutrition therapy plan combined with nutrition counseling for optimal recovery. 

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have questions about our services or how a registered dietitian can benefit your health and wellness, we can help. We are happy to answer your questions and provide information on our services.

What Is A Registered Dietitian?

Empowered Nutrition has a team of registered and licensed dietitian nutritionists. Unlike other nutritionists, they have accredited college degrees in clinical Nutrition and maintain their education for continued medical licensure. Our registered dietitians use an integrative and functional medicine approach to provide comprehensive services for optimal health and wellness.

How Can A Registered Dietitian Help Enhance My Health?

If you’re struggling with chronic health concerns, our registered dietitians can help you recover. Many people feel confused by chronic inflammation, pain, skin issues, and other sudden health changes. Our holistic approach allows us to address the source of digestive issues, general women’s health concerns, and other chronic health problems. We aim to use dietary plans to reduce symptoms and help you heal from the inside out.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept several insurance carriers. We aim to make holistic healthcare more accessible and provide our patients with the best care and experience. We encourage our patients to check and verify insurance coverage before booking an appointment. If you have questions about insurance coverage, please let us know. Our team can help navigate the process and verify your benefits. 

Schedule A Consultation Today

We are ready to help create a nutrition therapy plan to help you recover from chronic health issues and enhance your health and wellness. Contact Empowered Nutrition today to book a free discovery call to determine if a registered dietitian near Pinehurst, NC, is right for you. We look forward to offering support on your health journey.

We Serve People Near Pinehurst, NC

Our team proudly offers nutrition therapy services to those near Pinehurst and the surrounding areas. Pinehurst is part of Moore County and is home to the famous Pinehurst Golf Resort. If you live near this area, you are close to our office in Southern Pines.

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