Registered Dietitian in Aberdeen, NC

If you are looking for a registered dietitian near Aberdeen, North Carolina, or the surrounding area, Empowered Nutrition can help. Our goal is to use the power of nutrition to help you locate the root cause of health issues, so you can begin healing. We believe every person should have the health care they need, and we are here to provide it.

Reach Your Health Goals With A Registered Dietitian

Registered Dietitian in Aberdeen, NC

Our registered dietitians provide nutritional therapy to the people in North Carolina. A diet plan should help you reach your unique health and wellness goals with the support of an experienced and caring community. Our registered dietitians offer nutritional therapy services for many health conditions, including:

We understand every person has different health needs and we provide recovery solutions based on those unique needs. Our team can help you learn more about the healing power of nutrition, so you recover from chronic health issues. Using the power of nutrition, we create a holistic nutrition plan that includes counseling and functional medicine techniques to help your body heal from the inside out. 

We Offer Services Near Aberdeen, NC

Aberdeen is a quaint town in Moore County, North Carolina. We enjoy bringing our services to over 6,000 residents and helping them find relief from their health conditions. The city contains several national historic landmarks such as John Blue House and Malcolm Blue Farm.

Commonly Asked Questions

We know many patients have questions about our nutrition therapy services and how a registered dietitian can help. Here are a few commonly asked questions. 

Is A Registered Dietitian the Same As A Nutritionist?

This is a common question we receive. Although not all nutritionists are registered dietitians (RD), the RDs at Empowered Nutrition are also nutritionists. RDs must have a bachelor’s degree, complete a clinical internship of 1200 hours, and pass an extensive national board examination. They have training in various fields like biochemistry, behavioral support, and nutritional science. These credentials demonstrate our RDs have the knowledge and experience to provide safe nutritional care and therapy. 

What Should I Expect At My First Appointment?

We are happy to answer questions and meet with you at a time that works with your schedule. Your first appointment is a consultation to determine if our services meet your health and wellness needs. Then, we will pair you with a dietitian and send you an intake form. This form contains information about your medical history and current nutritional needs. You can expect your first consultation to last 75 minutes. We will also schedule a 60 minute follow-up appointment to ensure smooth progress on your health journey. 

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When you need a different approach to health and wellness, contact Empowered Nutrition near Aberdeen today. Our registered dietitians will meet with you for a consultation and develop a unique plan that helps you find relief from chronic health issues. We look forward to working with you as you reach your health goals.

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