Nutritionist in Southern Pines

Are you struggling with chronic health issues that you can’t explain? Focusing on nutrition can help you find the relief you need. The registered dietitian nutritionists at Empowered Nutrition in Southern Pines, North Carolina, are here to provide the support you need on your journey to health. 

Why Nutrition Therapy Is Important

Nutritionist in Southern Pines

Our nutrition therapy uses evidence-based practices to help patients improve their wellness with customized plans. Each person is different and has unique health and wellness needs.

A focused approach to nutrition therapy allows us to help you become healthier. Services we offer include:

We understand that many people struggle with chronic symptoms that affect their health. Instead of simply treating symptoms with medication, we focus on finding the root cause of the symptoms. Using a functional medicine approach helps us provide solutions that address the unique health needs of each of our patients. 

We Offer Nutrition Services in Southern Pines, North Carolina

Our team is happy to provide nutrition services to the residents of Southern Pines, North Carolina. Located in Moore County, Southern Pines is a city with over 12,000 residents and is a winter resort for many tourists. We enjoy bringing our nutrition therapy services to the people in this city and the surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you may have about working with a registered dietitian nutritionist

What to expect when you meet with a nutritionist?

If you are new to this healthcare approach, it’s natural to wonder what to expect on your first visit. When you first come to our office, you can expect our dietitian to provide complete consultation services, including a review of your medical history, current dietary history, and a discussion of any food sensitivities or allergies. Though we will have some of this information on your intake form, our registered dietitians want to ensure we customize your wellness plan according to your needs. We will work with you and help create a unique program that supports wellness and includes nutrition, exercise, and supplements.  

How often should you see a nutritionist?

Because everyone has different health needs, how often you see a nutritionist depends on your health and goals. Most people have 1- 4 follow-up visits within a six-month period after your first visit. You may have fewer, depending on our recommendation. After that, we may schedule annual visits to monitor your progress. Most insurance plans cover these visits. 

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When you’re looking for a different approach to healthcare, contact Empowered Nutrition in Southern Pines. Our nutrition services support whole body healing to help you recover from the inside out. Schedule a consultation with us and see the difference our nutrition therapy can make.

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