Nutrition Therapy Near Cameron, NC

Are you considering an alternative healthcare solution for your chronic health concerns? Empowered Nutrition focuses on treating the whole person rather than their symptoms. You can benefit from our nutrition therapy services if you live near Cameron, NC, or the nearby areas. 

Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals With Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy Near Cameron, NC

Whether you want to reach a new health goal, lose weight, recover from a medical condition, or boost your health and wellness, we can help. Our certified nutrition therapists are passionate about assisting patients in understanding the source of their discomfort and naturally recovering. We provide several nutrition therapy services to help restore your health and regain control over your health. Check out a few below.

We also provide grocery store tours and corporate wellness nutrition counseling. The body is more than a set of systems; so is your Nutrition. Enhancing your Nutrition can improve your overall health and wellness and help you live the life you want. 

We Help People Near Cameron, NC

Our team is thrilled to serve people near Cameron, NC, and the nearby cities. The city is part of Moore County and has a fascinating industrial history. If you live near the city, you are less than twenty minutes from our location in Southern Pines. 

Commonly Asked Questions

We answer many questions about nutrition therapy services and the conditions we treat. Here are some common questions that will offer more information. 

What Conditions Do You Treat?

We believe Nutrition is essential for adults, teenagers, and children. Our team helps many people recover from chronic health conditions to keep doing the things they love. Women’s health issues, diabetes and blood sugar dysregulation, digestive conditions, and autoimmune disorders are common conditions we treat. We also help people identify hormone imbalances, optimize prenatal and postnatal care, and promote healthy weight loss.

Why Do You Use Integrative and Functional Medicine?

As certified nutritionists, registered dietitians, and functional nutrition therapists, we customize scientific and realistic dietary plans that are unique for every patient. Integrative and functional medicine philosophies help us approach healthcare comprehensively so patients can recover from chronic health concerns. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes! We are happy to accept several insurance companies, including Aetna, United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, and Medicare. Before your first appointment, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage of our services. We are happy to answer your insurance questions. 

Can I Schedule An Online Appointment?

We offer virtual and in-person therapy appointments. When you contact our office, let us know which method you prefer so we meet your health needs. We also recommend that you confirm coverage with your insurance company.

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Are you ready to feel empowered on your health and wellness journey? Contact our office near Cameron, NC, today to book a free chemistry call. We look forward to helping you live your best life.

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