Nutrition Therapy Near Aberdeen, NC

If you’re looking for alternative ways to restore your health and wellness, Empowered Nutrition can help. We provide nutrition therapy services near Aberdeen, NC, and nearby areas to help people recover from chronic illnesses. Whether you want to recover from illness or feel better, our nutritionists can create a plan for you. 

Restore Your Health With Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy Near Aberdeen, NC

We understand living with uncomfortable and unexplained symptoms. Our nutritionists have extensive training in functional and integrative nutrition therapy, allowing us to identify and address the root cause of your health concerns. 

If you’re feeling less than your best, our services can help you recover. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to help you determine if our services can help you. We can customize a recovery plan to get your health back on track as we evaluate your health condition.

We Offer Services Near Aberdeen, NC

Our clinic proudly offers nutritional therapy services near Aberdeen, NC, and the nearby areas. As part of Moore County, the city has over 6,300 residents who enjoy the community events and attractions. If you live in this area, you are minutes from our main office in Southern Pines. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrition Therapy

We are ready to answer your questions if you are unfamiliar with a functional medicine approach to nutrition. Here are some we frequently answer for our patients. 

How Can Nutrition Therapy Help Me?

If you struggle to receive answers from your usual medical approach, we can help. We understand the frustration of dealing with chronic symptoms you can’t explain. Our team of dietary clinicians aims to help uncover the root cause of your symptoms and provide nutrition therapy services as part of your comprehensive care. 

What Are Your Credentials?

Our entire team at Empowered Nutrition has the knowledge and experience to identify the source of your symptoms and get your health back on track. Our registered and licensed dietitian nutritionists have accredited degrees in clinical nutrition and 1,200 clinical hours of experience. They have also passed board exams and participate in continuing education to maintain their licensure.  

How Do I Get Started?

We offer a free 15-minute chemistry call to help you determine if our services are right for you. We will gather more information during the call to place you with the right dietitian nutritionist and integrative functional nutrition certified practitioner. We will send you intake forms through our secure system when we schedule your first appointment. These forms help us learn more about your medical history and health goals. 

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Are you ready to begin your health journey? Contact Empowered Nutrition near Aberdeen, NC, today to get started. We look forward to helping you optimize your health and enjoy life.

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