Functional Nutritionist in Aberdeen, NC

At Empowered Nutrition, we believe everyone in Aberdeen, North Carolina, deserves a unique approach to healthcare. We are a team of functional nutritionists who use the power of food and precise medicine to help patients recover from chronic health conditions. Our customized recovery plans provide simple steps to improve health and wellness. 

Considering A HealthCare Alternative

Functional Nutritionist in Aberdeen, NC

As functional nutritionists, our team helps improve health and wellness with the power of nutrition. When you’re not feeling well, it’s hard to think about food alternatives that can help your body heal from chronic health issues. We offer a healthcare alternative that includes nutrition therapy services such as:

We will provide a clear assessment with a customized nutrition plan when you meet with us for a consultation. A functional nutritionist will evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, and nutritional needs to create a precise plan for recovery. This method is effective in helping you recover from illness and take control of your health. 

We Serve The Aberdeen Community

Our team is happy to provide nutrition health services to the Aberdeen community. Located in Moore County, Aberdeen has over 6,300 residents and is known for its golf courses. With its rich history, it’s a National Registered Historic District. Also, the town is located right outside of Pinehurst and not far from our office. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Nutrition

We understand you may have questions about functional nutrition. Here are a few questions regarding functional nutrition.

What Does Functional Nutrition Mean?

Functional nutrition focuses on whole-person healthcare. Simply put, a functional nutritionist focuses on locating the root cause of uncomfortable symptoms rather than prescribing medication first. Focusing on whole health is a natural approach to recovery and often prevents further health conditions. Combining nutritional needs, counseling, and precise medicine can create a positive recovery process. 

Should I See A Functional Nutritionist?

Many people consider alternative forms of healthcare when they don’t see the health and wellness they want. Traditional medicine often focuses on the symptoms rather than the root cause. If you’re still experiencing health issues, you can’t explain, seeing a functional nutritionist may help provide the answers you need. We focus on healing the body from the inside out with nutritional coaching and plans to help you recover and live your best life.

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

We accept many insurance carriers. As a group of registered dietitians and nutritionists, our team uses an insurance-based model to make patient visits more convenient. Before you schedule a visit, check with your insurance carriers to ensure they provide nutritional therapy and counseling services coverage. These benefits vary with every insurance company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office with any questions. 

Contact Us For An Appointment 

If you’re looking for a functional nutritionist near Aberdeen, NC, contact Empowered Nutrition today. We are ready to schedule an appointment for you and help you recover from chronic health issues. We look forward to creating a unique nutrition plan that meets your health and wellness needs. Please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment.

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