Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian Near Aberdeen, NC

If you struggle with an eating disorder, you are not alone. Many people struggle with their perception of food and how it affects their mental and physical health. Empowered Nutrition, located near Aberdeen, North Carolina, offers help from a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders to promote hope and recovery. 

Our Registered Dietitian Can Help You Recover

Eating Disorder Registered Dietician Near Aberdeen, NC

Whether you struggle with your eating habits or compulsive thoughts surrounding nutrition, our team can help. An eating disorder registered dietitian has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate your thought patterns surrounding food to promote recovery from your eating disorder. These specialists create a customized recovery plan that includes:

  • Using nutrition science to promote healthy eating
  • Helping you calculate nutritional needs
  • Measuring appropriate micronutrients and macronutrients
  • Recommending nutritional supplements that support a healthy lifestyle
  • Closely monitoring your progress and making adjustments along the way

Our nutrition therapy services can help people make small changes in their view of nutrition to restore balance to the body and recover from an eating disorder. Our registered dietitians have the education and qualifications to provide medical nutrition therapy and work with other licensed professionals for comprehensive patient care. Whether you’re struggling with anorexia nervosa, Pica, night eating syndrome, or another eating disorder, we can help you recover.  

We Serve Patients Near Aberdeen, NC

Our team proudly serves patients near Aberdeen, NC, and surrounding areas. Aberdeen is not far from our main location in Southern Pines. The area has many recreational spots and attractions, including Railhouse Brewery and Malcolm Blue Farm.

Commonly Asked Questions 

If you have questions about an eating disorder registered dietitian, we are happy to answer them. Here are a few common questions we answer for our patients. 

Do You Use a Functional Medicine Approach? 

We use a combination of integrative and functional medicine to ensure our patients receive the best care we can offer. Using combined care helps us better address the root cause of health conditions as we search the digestive system, hormonal imbalances, and other underlying medical conditions. We look at the body systems to investigate how nutrition, medical history, and lifestyle are essential in optimal health and wellness. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian? 

If you’re struggling to identify the root cause of your eating disorder, an eating disorder registered dietitian can help. Most conventional medicine approaches today focus on the symptoms of chronic health issues rather than the underlying cause. 

Patients who deal with a chronic eating disorder can find physical and emotional freedom in a customized nutrition plan that forms the habit of healthy eating. A registered dietitian has many years of experience in nutritional coaching and will work with other medical and mental health professionals to provide a positive experience and outcome. 

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