The Veri CGM and the Importance of Preventative Health with Anttoni Aniebonam

Curious about the benefits of using a Continuous Glucose Monitor, even for patients without diabetes? 

In this episode Anttoni Aniebonam discusses his product, Veri, and how taking accountability of your health at a young age can help ensure better health, long-term.

Anttoni Aniebonam is the Co-Founder and CEO of Veri,  a food intelligence company that helps people understand their optimal diet to improve the state of their metabolic health. Numbers wise, Veri raised $4 million in funding to start shipping its glucose sensor, and has over 50,000 people on its waitlist. Anttoni Aniebonam was also the Board Member and Co-Founder of Kiuas for nearly 5 years, as well as the Graphic Web Designer of Meru Health. In this episode we discuss:
  • Anttoni’s journey into the world of Continuous glucose monitors and how his personal story impacted his desire to help others to be empowered to obtain health from an earlier age and with a mental shift towards improved daily individual choices
  • How he believes we can prevent chronic health issues with lifestyle change, perhaps more so than through medical intervention
  • How our western / American diet promotes obesity and disease 
  • The importance of living in a state of balanced blood glucose
  • What a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is and how it can provide valuable information to determine the state of metabolic health in a specific time frame
  • How a CGM can help a person know which foods / lifestyle habits are more beneficial for their bodies than others and how the data will present within their user-friendly app
  • How to interpret “Stability Scores” and what they mean for the user in producing realistic and, most importantly balanced, outcomes 
  • The “Metabolic Score” Veri provides to help motivate an individual to make better choices and create better habits over time, because the data provides specific individual information on how their specific microbiomes react to foods
  • How everyone can benefit from knowing the individualized information Veri can provide, because of the overwhelming incidence of metabolic dysfunction in our modern society, even if the user is not diagnosed with diabetes
  • How they at Veri are trying to reach the more at risk and low access individuals to prevent disease 
  • How Veri provides direction via their online community and peer support
  • Why measuring blood glucose vs insulin data is used, and how they have honed in their metrics to provide the most valuable information
  • Recommendations on usage frequency for optimal results
Check out the full episode at: https://erinskinner.com/empowerednutrition/AnttoniAniebonam Visit Anttoni’s website at https://www.veristable.com/ Get a 25% discount on Veri products by entering  code: v3319  at https://veri.co/ref?code=ANTTONI-4UTC3 

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