Nutrition for Optimized Fertility and Cycle Regulation with Anabelle Clebaner

Have you ever wondered how nutrition plays a significant role in fertility?

In this episode Anabelle Clebaner discusses how nutrition and environment can impact fertility and the how she uses functional nutrition to restore women’s cycles and increase chances of conception.


Anabelle Clebaner is a women’s health dietitian who specializes in functional nutrition for fertility. Anabelle is a featured member of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine practice group, a yoga teacher, and has led several women’s meditation retreats. She is passionate about women’s health and is honored to be doing the work she is doing in helping women achieve healthy pregnancies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her story of changing from food policy and agriculture to dietetics and functional nutrition
  • The causes of long or irregular cycles 
  • The ideal diet for fertility and importance of having it be realistic for everyday life  
  • How environmental chemicals in beauty products affect the endocrine system and fertility
  • PCOS and the diet and supplements to rebalance hormones
  • Her nourish, detox, and thrive mentality to fertility
  • How sleep, movement and stress impact fertility 
  • What she considers to be “Fertility Foods” (for both men and women) and which fertility essential nutrients they provide
  • Why prenatal nutrition is important 3-6 months prior to conception
  • Prenatal vitamins and quality: why “off the shelf” vitamins aren’t ideal and which are her top choices for prenatal vitamins
  • Advanced functional testing and importance of gut health for fertility 
  • Her free Fertility Nutritional guide, website, groups and Instagram account

Visit Anabelle’s website: www.wellspringnutrition.co


To get her free nutrition guide click here: https://nutrientguide.wellspringnutrition.co/free-guide

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