Breaking the “All or Nothing” Mindset of Weight Loss with Amanda Nighbert

Are you frustrated with trying to address the modern diet culture with your clients?

In this episode, Amanda discusses how to help them break out of the mentality that losing weight requires an “all or nothing” mindset.

Amanda Nighbert is a registered dietitian specializing in weight loss nutrition. Her passion and purpose is to empower others to break the “all or nothing mindset” and find sustainable change for long term weight loss success. She presented this powerful message on the Ted X stage March of 2021. With 20 years of knowledge and experience under her belt, she provides upper level nutrition education and support to everyone she works with. With her custom LEAN Program, range of coaching services, and multiple shop offerings, she has cultivated a brand that focuses on giving participants the leading tools and resources to help reach the best versions of themselves. Amanda’s goal is to provide the most current, cutting edge nutritional techniques that not only provide results but are also sustainable for life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her journey with her postpartum nutrition and how she came to revamp her idea of how to achieve true health with “renegade” nutrition
  • How she learned healthy fat diets can reduce inflammatory response / high cholesterol
  • How traditional nutrition education is outdated and flawed
  • How our culture affects our nutrition and how the agricultural industry drives our idea of what is nutritious
  • The idea of 80/20 meal plans and how the balance in our diets is what promotes health, as opposed to tunnel visioned ideas of low carb/sugar/fat
  • The importance of acknowledging the modern ideals of body composition and loving your body at all sizes vs loving your health at all sizes
  • Her Living Energized and Nourished (LEAN) Program with
    • The pillars: whole food nutrition and reducing inflammation and nutritional awareness with MACRO management
    • What sets LEAN apart from other programs with the support and leadership
  • The importance of the composition of the calories in/out, not the number of calories in/out
  • How we need to simplify the idea of what nutritious food is and how to make simple nutrition a part of everyday life
  • Why tracking your meals is important to understand how you really eat as opposed to what you think you’re eating; because little things add up but also we also tend to overestimate some things, especially protein.
  • Different ways to track food intake
  • How to adjust to the idea that you must eat food (sometimes more food) to lose weight, and how undereating can contribute to weight gain
  • Intermittent fasting and how she likes to use it in regards to regular meal patterns
  • Benefit of flex meals in an eating plan to lose weight, even right from the beginning
  • How your metabolism must heal from the damage of our modern, American food- and once that is done, weight loss is easier
  • The importance of Micro nutrition and how they fuel cravings

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Visit Amanda’s website at www.amandanighbert.com and her YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KpxyBBxv1YlEsjAdyGrXA

Get Amanda’s lean program here: https://amandanighbert.com/lean-program/

Her Ted Talk can be viewed here:  https://youtu.be/tvoikSqNT7E

Instagram and Tiktok: @amandanighbertrd

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