Episode 4: Shutting Down Sugar Cravings

You vs. Sugar: Be the Boss!

Learn the nutrients that optimize blood sugar and insulin balance (read: shut down carb cravings).

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In this episode, I share the lifestyle factors and macros to start with if you experience low energy and sugar cravings.

Then, I share the specific nutrients to optimize, why, and how.

Finally, I even made you a ‘Carb Cravings Shut-Down Guide’! It has the details of WHAT nutrients, what are the BEST SOURCES, and links to my TOP SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS. Grab your FREE copy HERE.

Shut down my Sugar Cravings!

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The mission of the Empowered Nutrition podcast is to help busy, fit women optimize their metabolic, digestive, and hormonal health. 

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Erin Skinner

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