How AI–Derived Genetic Testing Can Optimize Your Health with Dr. Yael Joffe

Curious about genetic testing and how beneficial it can be for your health? 

No…we’re not talking about the ancestry testing that told you that you are 99.9% likely to prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate…

On this week’s podcast, I have the pleasure of talking about nutrigenetics with Dr. Yael Joffe, the founder of 3×4 genetics!

Think of your genetics as a blueprint that gives you an idea of who you are and how you respond to the world around you. Nutrigenetics, as you have put together is personalized nutrition based on our genetics and how our DNA influences the choices we make in life. 

Why start your healthcare journey with a genetic test? You only have to test once in your lifetime because genes don’t change! What changes is how genes switch on and off based on our environment. 

How is this test different from another DNA test? 3×4 uses root cause analysis to view pathways that affect the cell (inflammation, metabolism, and detoxification processes) and groups together multiple genes and using a polygenetic risk score to measure your disease risk based on your genome. 

This week, Dr. Yael Joffe and I discuss: 

  • FOUR ways genetics can be used as a screening tool:
    • Helps you know which area of health to focus from the beginning.
    • Results that give the most personalized lifestyle and nutrition protocol (with the help of a qualified clinician)
    • Allows you to determine specific lab values to follow up with
    • Allows for targeted supplementation – choosing the supplements with the greatest impact on your health. 
  • Red flags and questions to ask the genetic testing companies.
  • And so much more!

Ready to dive in? Listen here!

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