Episode 1: Nutrition Podcasts – What’s Missing for Women?

Ladies, enough of the bro science! 

Its time for a nutrition discussion BY and us and FOR us. 

Here’s why I think a new podcast needs to exist. 

I’ve tried for years to find nutrition content for women by science-based women.  I haven’t had much luck.  So, my goal with this podcast is to create that content and empower women to optimize their metabolic, digestive, and hormonal health.

In this episode, I share some details about myself, the problems I’m seeing with the current nutrition space, and what I’m excited to talk about in this podcast. 

I’m really looking forward to creating more content for busy women, to connecting us into a community, and to digging deeper into women’s nutrition. If you’re excited for this, stay tuned! I’ll be sending out updates (via email and posted here) for how you can subscribe.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you! What topics are you excited to hear about on the show? Send me a question or topic suggestion a the survey HERE. I’ll add it to my list!

I’m looking forward to our chats!

Best wishes,


Erin Skinner

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